Olive Farm Rudasso
  1. Punti elencoExtra Virgin Olive Oil from organic farming (see online certificate by BioAgriCert) got exclusively from olives that we collect on our own land and squeeze in our oil mill.

At our farm you can find:

How to purchase

  1. Punti elencoAt our oil mill: come and visit us in any season. In winter, the season of olive picking, you will see our mill in operation and taste the freshly pressed oil.

  2. Punti elencoVia phone or e-mail: please, call Silvana +39.334.311.11.23 or send an e-mail to place your order. We will answer as soon as possible to confirm products availability. To arrange shipping we will ask for your name, address and phone number.

  3. Shipping fares will be charged, in proportion of the total weight of products with protective packaging and other elements, such as fuel price, country, etc.

  1. Punti elencoBottle:

  2. 1 litre        14 euro

  3.     0,75 l   10,50 euro

  4.     0,5 l            6 euro

  5. Punti elencoCan:

  6.     5 litres      70 euro

  7.     3 litres      42 euro

  8.     1 litre        14 euro